Designer Flowers.

A small selection of many colours available from stock. Full colour ranges available on request.

Please click any of the images for further information and a larger scale image.


Other Designer Flowers from a selection

mimosa012a.jpg mimosa013a.jpg er602 er599 er599 er587 Large Organza Blossom Er587 ER588 er589 ER303 Large Velvet Pansy  ER301 Velvet Violet er306 orchid er309 Silk lily ER337 Velvet Pansy ER337 Velvet Pansy er362 velvet rose leaf er363 velvet ivy leaf ER397 Triple Organza Blossom /3 ER508 Silk/organza seed blossom ER485 Wild Velvet Violet Spray web2017march016a.jpg er418 Satin/organza blossom ER418 Satin/Organza Blossom /5    ER457   ER457 Giant silk poppy  ER509 Velvet & felt blossom ER489 Triple Velvet Bud ER554 Large Silk Dahlia ER555 Silk Peony ER560 Graduated Velevt Ivy Leaf ER558 ER568 large silk rosebud /3 ER569 Silk Organza Rosebud ER567 Silk bud ER575 Dior Velvet Bud /3 ER580 Silk Dior Bud Rose er581 ER582 Velvet Forget-Me-Not /12 er583 ER585 Velvet Blossom LB11 Silk Primula LB13 Lily of the Valley - green leaves   ER561 Natural Daisy er562 Natural Cronflower ER563 Natural Buttercup ER564 Apple Blossom ER 565 Red Poppy /3 ER566 Natural Daffodil GF 64 Pure Silk Poppy ER590 Large Leather Ivy Spray /8 GF63 Large Organza Poppy GF71 ER592 Silk Blossom /3 er595 er597 Rose Blossom Spray /8  ER598 Rose Blossom Spray /10 ER596 Small Satin Leaf /10 ER593 Large Cotton Leaf /10 ER594 Small Cotton Leaf /10



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