Designer Roses.

High quality and design ....

A small selection of many colours available from stock. Full colour ranges available on request.

Please click any of the images for further information and a larger scale image.

Designer Roses from a selection

GF46 Hand Curled Bud Rose er551 ER551 'Crinkled Edged' Silk Rose ER551 'Crinkled Edged' Silk Rose ER551 'Crinkled Edged' Silk Rose er455 er455 GF25 Silk Rose Gf25 Full silk Rose Gf25 Full Silk Rose GF25 Full Silk Rose GF25 Full Silk Rose ER317 GF24 Silk Rose web2016009a.jpg ER 549 Seed Centre Silk Rose web2016007a.jpg ER341 Medium/large silk/organza rose er341 weblateapril054a.jpg weblateapril055a.jpg weblateapril058a.jpg weblateapril061a.jpg ER527 Medium silk/velvet rose ER494 Giant silk/organza rose on pin gf81001a.jpg ER434 Large open silk/organza rose Er574 ER 573 Medium/Large Silk Organza Rose ER553 Full Blown Silk Rose ER578 Silk/Velvet Rose GF65 Large Silk/Organza Rose GF68 Single Silk Bud Rose GF69 Open Silk Bud Rose GF70 medium/Silk/Organza Rose GF72 Classic Pure Silk Rose








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